U.S. clothing giant Polo Ralph Lauren plans to stop using animal pelts in all the company's products, the New York-based fashion house said.
The Independent reported that the decision is seen as a victory for animal rights campaigners who have repeatedly shunned the use of fur for fashion. Polo Ralph Lauren's halt on fur will begin with the 2006 Christmas shopping season.

The decision to reject fur also is the first by a major fashion chain since Calvin Klein made a similar vow in the 1990s, The Independent said.

The company's decision was a victory for the animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, the newspaper said.

Sporting the tag-line, I'd rather go naked than wear fur, PETA has aggressively pursued a stop to the sale of furs. It also has repeatedly targeted celebrities who wear fur.

Polo Ralph Lauren said the company will donate leftover items including fur to charities for distribution among the poor.

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