One of the Black Watch players, an Argentine named Ignacio Figueras, had already been a Ralph Lauren model before the sponsorship started and is featured wearing some of the Black Watch line on Ralph Lauren Official Website

Less glamorous has been the ongoing litigation between Ralph Lauren and others that have tried to capitalize on the sport. In the latest case, the designer alleged that four logos with polo players the polo association had licensed to clothing maker Jordache infringed on Polo trademarks, but a jury approved all but one of the association’s logos. Ralph Lauren appealed, and the case is scheduled to go before the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in October. Mr. Ferguson said that the volume of litigation has tapered off.

The company, meanwhile, is saddling up for higher-profile events. For the third consecutive year, it is sponsoring the United States Open in Flushing Meadows, Queens, which began last week; for the last two years, the company also has sponsored Wimbledon.

At last year’s United States Open, the company’s 2,500-foot retail store on the stadium grounds had more transactions than any of its other nearly 300 retail stores, though a spokesman declined to give actual sales figures.

Ralph Lauren Black Watch Polo

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